A Place For Your Face

By : Franchesca Scalise           

A Place for Your Face was started by Franchesca Scalise, with a vision of helping clients achieve their best skin through  natural, active and proven methods.

Franchesca is very passionate with her  treatments. Her products are targeted to improve your skin at the cellular level.

A Place for Your Face provides a relaxing environment  where you can leave your stress behind and focus on yourself.
Franchesca  uses Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare and Image Skincare in all her facial treatments. 

Osmosis is all natural, no artificial fragrances or colors, and additive free. It is water soluble, plant based and uses more Active ingredients per serum, than any other line in the world. Osmosis targets the dermis, which is the only place, where significant aging occurs and protecting the epidermis, because it is critical to the health and efficiency of the skin. With this line we are able to correct aging, acne, scarring and hyper pigmentationOsmosis is the deepest, penetrating product on the market. Most work on the Epidermis, which is the top layer of your skin and have no real significant effect on the dermis. This is the area, where all your needs need to be addressed.

Our Goal: Is to Increase the level of nutrition in your skin, and stimulate the fibroblast of the cell, to produce new Collagen and Elastin.  This process, will stimulate the capillaries, so your skin gets the proper oxygen and nutrition.